At the end of February, in the midst of a stressful closing and preparing to move, my husband and I took a babymoon to Prague, Chech Republic. Prague is not your typical babymoon destination but it was the perfect place to go for a winter babymoon. We had four and a half days to spend in this beautiful city. It is the just the right size, for someone nearing the end of their second trimester, to walk and enjoy without overdoing it! The European charm mixed with history, excellent restaurants, and friendly people, made it the perfect babymoon for both of us. If you are looking for a unique babymoon destination Prague is a fantastic choice year-round.

Day 1



We chose to stay at the Hilton Old Town Prague located right near the border of Old and New Town. The hotels' excellent location allowed us to walk to most major sights in 10 minutes. Due to a delay in our arriving flight, we missed the free afternoon walking tour we had planned to take. Instead, we decided to head for the Old Jewish Quarter, Josefov.

Upon arrival, we bought a 7-day entry pass to all of the attractions. The entry pass is $25 per person and includes admission to the 5 synagogues. The pass can be purchased at any synagogue location. We were able to see three of the synagogues before closing; Spanish, Maisel, and Old-New.

Tip: Keep in mind when planning your visit that the synagogues and museums found within Josefov are closed on Saturdays.

Day 2

Free Walking Tour

Finish Josefov

I have said it once and I will say it again, I love to take Free Walking Tours! The walking tour we took in Prague was through New Sandemans. The tour provided an excellent historical overview of the city while walking through Old Town, New Town, and Josefov. If you decide to take this tour while on your own babymoon the walking was not strenuous and very well paced.

Unfortunately, the astronomical clock was under renovation during our trip to Prague. I hope to one day go back and see it!

The second half of our day was spent touring the two remaining synagogues in the Josefov, The Klausen and The Pinkas. The Pinkas Synagogue was the most moving out of all of the ones we toured. It has been turned into a memorial for the Jews who died during World War II. Be sure to head upstairs where you will find a room with artwork, depicting life before and during the war, by the children held in the Terezin concentration camp.

On our way back to our hotel we stumbled upon the Havelské tržiště Market. It was a cute little street market selling everything from spices to tourist trinkets. It is open daily 6am - 6:30 pm. If you are in need of snack there is a Trdelník stand next to the market. I may have indulged in a couple of these sweet pastries while in Prague!

Day 3

Charles Bridge

Castle Hill

St Vitus Cathedral Tour

Lennon Wall

The Charles Bridge is busy at all hours of the day and into the evening. Knowing this we walked to Charles Bridge from our hotel first thing in the morning. We were able to beat some of the crowds arriving by 9:30a. After our walk across the bridge, our plan was to take Tram 22 up to the castle and then walk back down through town. To visit the castle from Tram 22 you get off at the Prosky Hram stop. The security line to get into the castle grounds is just a few feet from the train stop.

Tip: If you have time buy a longer pass for Tram 22 and take a ride around the city.

After our walk around the castle grounds, we left to find lunch and warmth. As planned we set out to walk through Mala Strana. Little did we know our 20-minute walk was going to be entirely uphill and stairs! This pregnant mamma was tired. The bright side of walking uphill? We found another side to the castle grounds that provided us with breathtaking views of Prague.

Our last stop before crossing back over the Charles bridge was the famous John Lennon wall. The nearest tram stops to the wall are Malostranske Namesti or Hellichova. The John Lennon wall, located within in the neighborhood of Mala Strana found at the base of Castle Hill. It was hard to get a good look due to the sheer number of tourists but it was still worth seeing. The John Lennon Wall is located near the river so if the weather is nice end your day by taking a stroll along the river overlooking Old Town Prague.

Day 4

Clock Tower Tour

Our final day in Prague was a much-needed rest and recover day, but there was one last item on our to-do list and that was going to the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower to see views of Prague. The tower is located in the heart of the Old Town Square in Stare Mesto. We arrived shortly after opening when the morning light was still coming in through rooftops, allowing us to miss the crowds. Our ticket to the top of the tower also included a look inside some of the other rooms of the Old Town Hall. This was a nice surprise because it was more along the lines of what I expected from the castle tour.

Tip: There is an elevator to take you to the top of the tower if you can’t handle stairs!

The remainder of our trip was spent shopping for souvenirs, eating delicious meals, and admiring the beautiful architecture of Prague one last time. I always heard Prague had stunning architecture and it truly does. We loved every minute of our trip to Prague. My husband even decided that it was one of his favorite cities in Europe.