After a wonderful first day in San Fransisco we were ready to enjoy another beautiful sunny day! If you missed my post on Day 1 and 2 in San Fransisco you can read about it here.

Day 3: Day Trip to Sausalito

When visiting San Fransisco with kids be sure to allow a day trip over to Sausalito. I remember visiting this quaint city as a child and wanted to take mine. A child’s excitement over riding a ferry across the San Fran bay to Sausalito is energizing. You can read about our day trip to Sausalito here

One of my favorite beers is brewed in San Fransisco by 21st Amendment. 21st Amendment is a family friendly brewery and restaurant. Their thin crust pizza was a family hit. Several other people at the restaurant were enjoying their tacos, those looked awesome too. The brewery is conveniently located near AT&T Park. Stop at 21st amendment before or after a baseball game!

Day 4: Presidio or Golden Gate Park

Today did not go as planned but still turned out to be a great day. Presidio kept coming up as a fantastic area to visit while visiting San Fran so we decided we would head there for a day and go to Julius Kahn Playground, Crissy Field for a picnic and amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum.

What in reality happened.

We arrived at Julius Kahn playground where we had a gorgeous view of the hills, a peak of the bridge, and surrounded by beautiful homes. It was a fun playground. The slides landed into the sandbox, which the kids thought was so fun. There were also a lot of swings and climbing structures. A perfect spot to allow the kids to burn off some energy before sightseeing!

After playing until hearts content it was time to drive down to Crissy Field. We found parking near Presidio Picnic - which if you visit on Sunday is supposed to have amazing food trucks. The area is extremely spread out. Having been an old military base it is a random assortment of housing, businesses, office buildings, etc. What people don’t tell you is that the fog rolls in a lot in the summer and that the view of the bridge isn’t there. Our picnic with a view was no longer an option. We finally found a nice place inside for lunch since the weather was chiller than expected and regrouped. Sometimes things do not go as planned on trips but we make the most of it. Our new plan? Drive to Golden Gate Park.

I still do not know why when I searched I found so many recommendations for Presidio because to me it was a total letdown besides the playground. Golden Gate Park is a fantastic spot and I only wish we had found it sooner in the day! Golden Gate Park is as large as Central Park in NYC. Complete with a Japanese tea garden, Shakespeare theatre, a botanical garden, and the California science museum. The California Academy of Sciences is not a normal museum it is a 3 in 1! There’s even a small children’s play area for under 5. We spent the rest of the day playing, learning, and exploring this vast museum! 

Have you ever been to a museum complete with an aquarium, rainforest, and planetarium?