Are you looking for a budget friendly destination? Poland is a great Eastern European destination to travel to if you are on a budget! It has been mentioned by several top websites as an off the beaten path and budget friendly destination.

I recently took a trip to Poland from the United States with a girlfriend and our hotel and flights were less than $800 per person! Over the span of a week we visited three cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, and Krakow.

Here are my 10 Tips for visiting Poland:

1. Once you arrive in Poland you have the USD/Zloty exchange rate on your side! It is roughly 1/3.7. If you are paying by card and you have the option pay in Zloty!

2. Consider making one city a hub and taking day trips! We used Warsaw as a hub and bundled our flight and hotel to save money.

3. You will need change to use the public restrooms. Expect to pay about 1 Zloty. FYI- The train station restrooms have a change machine at the entrance. This also comes in handy if you need to rent a locker.

4. If you take the train between cities book your train tickets as early as possible. Polrail tickets get more expensive closer to the date of travel!

5. Use intra-europe flights like Ryanair for day trips. Sometimes a flight is cheaper and faster than taking the train!

6. Take a free walking tour. I have said it before I love to take free walking tours when I arrive in a new city. I try and take one the first day to get a lay of the land.

7. Eat off the beaten path not in the central tourist area of town. Even better ask a tour guide or a local for restaurant recommendations. We found most restaurants via our walking tour company!

8. Uber is inexpensive and efficient. Maximize your time in a city by taking an uber to and from the airport/train station into the city center. If tourist sites are far apart grab an Uber. One way trip from the airport to center Warsaw costs roughly $7!

9. Free Museum Days. Research which museums you want to visit before you go. Warsaw offers several free museum days. If you map out our trip prior it could save you lots of money!

10. Know basic Polish words.

Proszę - Please (PROH-sheh)

Dziękuję - Thank You (jen-KOO-yeh)

Do widzenia - Good Bye (doh vee-DZEN-ya)

Przepraszam - Excuse Me (psheh-PRAH-shahm)

Na zdrowie! - Cheers! (nah ZDROH-vyeh)