I have always wanted to take a cooking class whether that be in the United States or somewhere else in the world. While on my girls getaway in Poland I had a spare half day so I jumped on the opportunity to take a Polish cooking class! My friend Sarah and I chose to take a class through Polish Your Cooking. The cooking class, located on the top floor of a large building near Old Town Warsaw, provided breathtaking panoramic views of Warsaw.

I could have stared out those windows all day!

I spent 4 fun-filled hours in this fabulous space with people from all over the world. The class started off with traditional Polish appetizers while we sat around a large table getting to know one another. Next, it was time to divide into pairs and start cooking! Sarah and I cooked two main dishes; Polish pancakes and Pierogis. The pancakes were unlike anything I had tried before. They were not your typical American pancakes but they were fantastic - especially with greek yogurt and fruit on top.

Now, you cannot go to Poland and not have a Pierogi! We made two different fillings for our Pierogis. One was a strawberry and blueberry fruit filling and the other was a traditional potato filling. Our instructor even went over different techniques and styles for closing the Pierogis. I was not very talented at using the various techniques but at the end of the day, they all tasted the same. Surprise, surprise, the Pierogis are also traditionally served with a side of sour cream.

We left our Polish cooking class full and happy. We were sent on our way with wonderful memories and recipes so we can try our hand at cooking the scrumptious dishes at home. If you have not tried a cooking class before, do so when you are traveling in another country. It is an excellent way to dive into the culture and meet other people. If you find yourself in Warsaw, Poland take one at Polish Your Way - you will not be disappointed.